Hello world!

My name is Jaro

I do cool stuff with computers

My Journey

I'm a second-year student at Turku University of Applied Sciences. I'm studying Information and communications technology. I like to game, hang out with friends, and program weird and useful things.

After I got my first laptop at the age of 10, I started learning how to program with Java being my first language. I got started by watching YouTube tutorials. After I felt confident, I began to create my own game, but after a while my interest shifted to learning different programming languages.

After that, I began to pick up more languages like Python, JavaScript and C++ and created some small projects with them. During 2020, I got the opportunity put my skills into use by creating a website for a client. At this point the ball of web developement started rolling.

Now I've mostly been playing around as a fullstack developer with Nuxt or React in the frontend and NestJS or Express.js in the backend.

Even today, I am still learning more and more. One day I will become a computer wizard🔮

Technologies that I've used

Prisma ORM

Some projects that I have worked in

Screenshot of liikuntapistelavida.com

Liikuntapiste La Vida's website

Freelance work

May 2020 - Present

I was commisioned to create a website for a business named Liikuntapiste La Vida. The business offers a gym, spa treatment, group exercise and other exercise related services.

The frontend has had multiple iterations in multiple different JavaScript frameworks like Vue.js, Next.js, Svelte-kit and finally Nuxt.

The backend was created in TypeScript using the NestJS backend framework.

Here is a few things I learned:

  • Multiple frontend frameworks
  • Docker
  • MySQL
  • Server Management
  • Website design and deployment

I currently upkeep and manage this website, and sometimes add new features when requested.


Nuxt UI Component Collection

Github Project

I got tired of different UI components with their somewhat limited styling.

I was also wishing for a "copy and paste" style of UI components.

I found out about WindUI, which is for React and gave the source code to different components. I enjoyed the experience of having full control of the components and the freedom that it gave me.

Now I just want the same experience in Nuxt.

As of 22/01/2024 there are around 18 components.

My Spotify Playlist Sorter

My Spotify Playlist Sorter

Github Project

This is a project I started because I wanted to keep my large (1000 track playlists) sorted.

I created a command line application in python with using the Spotify API.

The repo contains some small test to confirm that everything is working as they should.

The sorting goes like this:

  1. Tracks are sorted into groups of albums, that are ordered in the manner of the album.
  2. Albums are grouped by artist and release date. (Artist is determined from the album rather than the track)
  3. Artist groups are sorted depending on the first tracks appearance date on the playlist.

The github repo also gives information about how to setup an automation for the sorting.



Project work at School

September 2023 - February 2024


This project was a part of school work. The app is a reservation tool for reserving theFirma office computers, meeting spaces and different items.

I did various things including authentication, UI design, backend development, documentation and deployment.

Techstack used:

  • React.js
  • MongoDB
  • Express.js
  • Chakra UI


Github Project

Rift is a discord bot made with Java.

It's main purpose is to play music through YouTube or SoundCloud.

One of it's unique features is that it can translates Spotify Links to YouTube Videos.

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